About Orchidee

Fighting fire with innovation

Orchidee is a leading developer and producer of a wide range of firefighting products. Orchidee Foams, Powders, and Water Additives are marketed worldwide, and its Orchidex and Pulvex brand names are a symbol of quality and performance.

Orchidee is the preferred supplier to a wide range of customers across many industries worldwide. These include the world’s leading manufacturers of portable extinguishers, fire brigades, large industrial companies, oil refineries, electricity plants, airports, oil & gas exploration, military, and others.

Raising the bar of innovation & environmental protection.

Our in-house R&D divisions are continually advancing the industry with cutting-edge products that are breaking new ground in terms of performance and biodegradability. In 2010, Orchidee introduced BlueFoam to the market, a top performance fluorine-free foam, setting new environmental and safety standards.

In 2021, our group launched FFX® (www.ffx.be), a full range of fluorine-free liquid extinguishing agents used in portable extinguishers.

The company’s ongoing R&D drives the ingenuity and top performance of every Orchidee product, making Orchidee a leading name in the world of firefighting products.

About the group

Orchidee is part of the Incendin group: a market leader in passive and active fire protection systems.

We develop and produce environmentally responsible chemistry for both Passive (flame retardant and fire resistant materials) and Active (fire extinguishing agents) Fire Protection solutions.

We serve our customers with fully integrated, tailor-made solutions, partnering from initial R&D to just-in-time deliveries, based on deep application knowledge, production know-how, recognized brands and solid intellectual property.

Part of the incendin group


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