Orchidex Blue Foam 6×6 is a high performance fluorine free firefighting foam concentrate for class A, and for class B fires at a mixing ratio of 6% on hydrocarbons and 6% on polar solvents. It has superior extinguishing performance on all kind of flammable liquids including alcohols. It is free of perfluorosurfactants, completely fluorine-free and is pseudo plastic. Orchidex Blue Foam 1×3 provides rapid flame knock-down and has achieved high ratings. Its slow-draining and air-tight foam gives maximum safety with outstanding burn back resistance.

Product details

Proportioning rate

Hydro carbons6%

Polar solvents6%

Lowest use temperature °C-12°C

ApprovalsEN 1568-1, -2, -3,-4

EN Rating

Part 3 Heptane3B

Part 4 Acetone1A

Part 4 IPA2B