Orchidex AFFF 6% RC-40 is a Top Performance synthetic firefighting foam concentrate designed for use on non-polar and hydrocarbon fuels. When proportioned with water and applied with conventional foam or water/fog equipment, Orchidex AFFF 6% RC-40 provides

  • excellent control and extinguishments of Class B fires by spreading a vapour sealing film over the liquid fuel. This vapour seal inhibits re-flash even when the foam blanket is ruptured and it allows the product to be used to secure non-ignited fuel spills.
  • excellent penetrating and wetting properties when used on Class A fires. This is important when extinguishing deep-seated fires in wood, paper, rubber tires and other ordinary combustibles.

Product details

Proportioning rate

Hydro carbons6%

Temperature (°C) Freezing point: -40°C