FFX® is 100 % fluorine- and silicone-free and a synonym for innovative and ecological functionality. Water additives and premix solutions for portable fire extinguishers based on our FFX® technology show outstanding performances on class A and B fires while being environmentally friendly.

Our FFX® technology-based water additives and premixes

  • are designed for usage in portable fire extinguishers
  • are fluorine- and silicone-free
  • are sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • achieve outstanding performances up to 34 A and 183 B in combination with our in-house developed FFX® nozzles
  • pass the dielectric test according to EN 3-7
  • have long-term shelf-life expectations up to 6 years

Our FFX® technology offers the most valuable solution matching your needs:

  • For cartridge-operated extinguishers, where the propellant is stored separately from the agent, our FFX® Compact concentrate is the ideal match. Its high concentration makes it perfectly suitable for foam cartridges, including those used today in foam extinguishers based on fluorinated concentrates. To further improve the fire ratings, one of our FFX® Boosters can be added to the water filling of your extinguisher.
  • For stored pressure extinguishers, our ready-to-use premixes FFX® 150 or FFX® 200 are a perfect solution. Alternatively, you can prepare your own premix using our FFX® Compact concentrate. Depending on the requested performance, this can be combined with our FFX® Booster A.

More information can be found on www.ffx.be